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Memories are special – look after them.  Keep them safe.  Save them from time, from forgetting.

A well crafted photograph deserves a well crafted home. 

Take the photograph that matters.  Use hand-crafted albums, bespoke frames and make it truly matter.

And please remember…

The price of a sculpture has nothing to do with the price of the clay.

The price of a painting has nothing to do with the price of the canvas.

The price of a photograph has nothing to do with the price of the paper.

The value of art transcends the materials with which it’s created.


My albums are hand-crafted in Britain by GF Smith

My products are manufactured in Britain by OneVision

Copyright Information

  1. Copyright is automatic when a photographer takes a picture.  It does not have to be registered and belongs to the photographer unless he/she sells the copyright to the client.
  2. If a client purchases a digital file, they will be provided with a license to print and use the image – this will not affect copyright.
  3. The client is not permitted to remove metadata from any digital files – this does not affect the clients right to print or use the images in any way.
  4. Any third party who copies images from the Internet and removes metadata is committing a civil offence and could be prosecuted.
  5. Anyone attempting to pass off the photographic work of another is committing a criminal offence (i.e. a rival photographer or company pirating work for publicity) – infringements will be reported under the Fraud Act 2006.